Conversations in The Language of Nature



It's a conversation inspired by the anatomy of landscape.  
It's the point of departure.
The line between moments, a reconciliation of sorts. 
A path fraught with grandeur, calamity or the slate wiped clean.
Not the thing its self, but a construct molded by the passage of time.
Then finding words to name it.

The paintings from "Conversations In the Language Of Nature" find their origins in photographs taken during my wilderness explorations. The developmental process of the work probes the contextualization of experience, an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dialogue animated by a walk through the woods. The paintings are accompanied by word constructions synthesized from journal notations accumulated during the evolution of each piece, reconciling experience and memory with language.

I'm a past recipient of an Arizona Commission on the Arts (ACA) Project Grant, and curated an exhibition for the ACA 2000-2002 Traveling Exhibition Program. The ACA exhibition, Language/Image/Object, explored the power and magic of language on visual expression. My work has been featured in New American Paintings and Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine. My work has been reviewed by Art News, Art & Antiques, Dialogue, and New Art Examiner magazines, as well as the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun Times, and Chicago Reader newspapers.

To see and read more about my work, please visit my blog, It Happens Every Tuesday. Named after the original IHET project, every Tuesday I post images and musings from the latest happenings in my studio. For additional contact info, email and gallery representaion go here.

Thanks for reading.