It Happens Every Tuesday (IHET), investigated the interaction between the creative process and the spontaneity of daily happenstance by capturing random pieces of the ordinary everyday, on a weekly basis, for a year. The project’s parameters grew out of two major themes in my work. First, the passage of time. And second, the interaction between language and images. The mechanism I chose for this exploration was to create an “object” . . . a painting, collage, or sculpture and brief written missive to accompany it, all inspired by whatever happened to happen, during any given seven day segment. I came on Tuesdays as the end point of my weekly adventures, quite accidentally. My schedule at the time was fairly convoluted and Tuesdays just happened to be the only consistently reliable day I could closet myself in the studio, to bring closure to one weeks's inquiry, and to begin another . . . so It Happens Every Tuesday . . . and it did.

I began the project in July of 1999 and after 52 weeks, in June of 2000, it was completed. It Happens Every Tuesday was exhibited at Perimeter Gallery, Chicago in July 2000, just a year and two weeks after the first week’s piece was finished.  During that exhibition I was approached with the idea of turning the project into a book, and what is presented  here is the project in book form.  The text design is by Catherine Jacobi of Ted Studios, photography by Verser Engelhart, and text editing by John Curtin.

To view the book pages for any given month, click on the month. Click on an individual book page to see the text in a readable scale.